Quick test

We are keen to provide the right atmosphere and equipment to complete the test as soon as possible.


Universal acceptance

The results of the test are documented in paper, electronically available, and universally accepted.


Continuous support

All IELTS staff and consultants are ready to help you all the time in all of the Kingdom.


Free lectures

A British-American expert in a weekly lecture to help score the scores before each test.


IELTS unlocks the door worldwide

From study to enlightenment, from job to business, IELTS helps you to open new doors and keep abreast of rapid development.

Passing the IELTS test is a big achievement. Be certain that the Saudi British Center is committed to providing all forms of support and assistance until success is achieved.

Western Orientalists learned Arabic in ancient times when it was the language of science, and it is our turn to learn English as it’s the language of this era.


Online Help

Connect with IELTS consultants at the Saudi British Center online easily and efficiently and save your time to be prepared.


Geographical Spread

The test halls are constantly increasing to include new cities and better opportunities to perform the IELTS test at your preferred location.


Qualifying and training

Ahead before each test we provide our candidates with a free Info class to help them attend the test with confidence and tips and tricks of how to get the typical answers.

Why the IELTS with the Saudi British Center?

The Saudi British Center provides you with the appropriate conditions for the performance of the test in the official and formal methods approved by all the competent authorities, in addition to the continuous support of the supervisors of the IELTS test performance, which allows you to take advantage of everything that will make your effort and focus your mind to pass the test with the best possible result.


Be prepared, the future kills the dreams of the weak

The coming days threaten the stable conditions. The situation has changed, the roads have changed, but the opportunities still exist, limited only to those who deserve. And a grant for those who act.

Together we will be prepared for the future.

You are not alone in this challenge

The Saudi British Center pride only by fact, your achievement is our gain and what you we seek. Our aim to provide quality education whilst, contributing towards prospers future.

Remember you are not alone in this challenge, we are a team and we are going to lead you to success.

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